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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands

  • Giving birth to children who integrate and form skilled and noble human beings

  • Apply pure values, love religion and be independent in making decisions to solve problems

  • Help parents in the management and learning of children

  • Balancing intelligence and socioemotional qualities in daily life

  • Educators who are knowledgeable and skilled and qualified in the field of education

  • The care center is not judged as a mere care center but gives birth to knowledgeable and responsible students as early as the age of 7-12 years


Curriculum Mission

Our mission is absolutely to aspiring young children to have good personality and critical thinking through our creative and effective learning experiences using best practices in early childhood education.

Prepration for our all students to become righteous, A slave and A khalifah of Allah and as Prophet Muhammad Ummah (PBUH).

Business Mission

Providing business oppurtunity in Permata’s Group (investors or entrepreneurs)

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